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EDITED: MacGregor’s Typology of Bone and Antler Hair Accessories

I am on the hunt for a more accu­rate look for my hair and top-bits. So I plan to learn to carve bone and antler. A very good friend turned me onto MacGregor’s book on bone and antler carv­ing. Wow, what an awe­some book! It is a few hun­dred pages of detailed infor­ma­tion on bone, … Con­tinue read­ing »

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UPDATED — Pair of cloisonne appliques

These were found in Saint Denis, first decade 6th cen­tury. The gar­net cloi­sonne was start­ing to dis­ap­pear by this time. I don’t know the con­text of these appliques or which grave they came from. My book on the Saint Denis finds has gone walk about. Please post in the com­ments if you know. I guessti­mate … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Reconstructing the Arnegunde Kaftan Card Woven Trim — some background

I have yet to find an image of the card weav­ing from the Arne­gunde kaf­tan. I had hoped with the recent con­ser­va­tion work being com­pleted, an image would sur­face. But no love there. So I will need to piece together the bits and pieces. The most recent pub­lished men­tion of the card weav­ing is from … Con­tinue read­ing »

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a sketch — 5th c fibula — Saint Denis

I’m work­ing on my class notes for the Merovin­gian Women’s cloth­ing class that I teach. It keeps grow­ing as I add infor­ma­tion and will likely end up a book in a few years. Here’s one of the sketches of 5th cen­tury fibula from Grave 23, Saint Denis. These would have held a pep­los closed at … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Extant 6th century gore in a wool garment

Orig­i­nal web­site here. 6th cen­tury wool, col­ored with blue indigo. sewn-in gore. The frag­ment found in a belt buckle was stud­ied by Mr. H. Masurel and Mrs. S. Desrosiers. It has tri­an­gu­lar pieces sewn together, giv­ing expand grad­u­ally to the gar­ment. The very fine fab­ric is woven in a clever cross 2/2 form­ing Argyle. The … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Early medieval textile remains from settlements in the Netherlands. An evaluation of textile production

Just a quickie post to tell you about this arti­cle by Chrys­tel R. Bran­den­burgh. Chrys­tel R. Bran­den­burgh: Early medieval tex­tile remains from set­tle­ments in the Nether­lands. An eval­u­a­tion of tex­tile pro­duc­tion. Jour­nal of Archae­ol­ogy in the Low Coun­tries 2–1 (May 2010) Abstract: Many frag­ments of archae­o­log­i­cal tex­tiles have been found in the Nether­lands dur­ing the last … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Archeaology Magazine’s features Top 10 Discoveries of 2011

From the first domes­ti­cated dog to a rare female Mayan ruler, there were some very intrigu­ing dis­cov­er­ies in 2011. Read about the Viking boat bur­ial and ancient ances­tors here.

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UPDATED: Conjectural clothing construction

  I’m get­ting ready to draft the pat­tern for my final gar­ment of the Arne­gunde out­fit, the outer coat. I’ve fin­ished the embroi­dery for the front open­ing and I’ve ordered the gold thread for the cuffs. There are so few extant gar­ments from this period mak­ing it hard to know how they were con­structed. This is … Con­tinue read­ing »

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ETA: Cor­rec­tion of trans­la­tion in sec­ond para­graph. Thanks, Cather­ine! Please see the orig­i­nal arti­cle for more infor­ma­tion and to see images. par James MOTTEAU* Mots-clefs : Habille­ment, Haut Moyen-Age. Key-words : Cloth­ing, Dark Ages. Lors de la décou­verte de la sépul­ture 6, en 1973, 20 prélève­ments de tex­tiles ont été effec­tués à l’emplacement du corps, des … Con­tinue read­ing »

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UPDATED: France Lanord, A. (1962) Das grab der Arnegundis in Saint-Denis. Germania. 40. 341–359.

So I am finally get­ting to trans­lat­ing some of the non-English arti­cles that have been sit­ting on my shelf for awhile. I have no claim to being able to speak any of these lan­guages so I use Google trans­late and sev­eral dif­fer­ent online dic­tio­nar­ies. I am con­cen­trat­ing on those arti­cles specif­i­cally men­tion­ing Arne­gunde (Arne­gonde, Arne­gundis) … Con­tinue read­ing »

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