A Byzantine shirt construction

Contact with the Byzantine Empire was robust, especially during the later part of the Merovingian period. Here is a website that details how to reconstruct an extant Byzantine shirt from an archaeological find in Turkey. I wish we had more extant garments to base our research on.

Byzantine Shirt from Turkish grave site

Byzantine Shirt from Turkish grave site




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    Idonia April 17, 2011

    Thank you for that link! I have been making my regular shifts with a similar construction in the gores (with the top of the gore going up into the sleeve), and I really like it. It is very comfortable, and easier to deal with than a gusset in my experience. But I didn’t have any information on that construction type as it was a suggestion from my roommate as a period construction method, and now I have something to go on.

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    Catherine Raymond September 20, 2011

    Hi! I just found your blog.

    Since you found Peter Beatson’s article about the Manazan shirt interesting, you may be equally interested in seeing my photographs of the shirt I made using his directions. This entry from my blog has the best photographs of the completed shirt and there is a good closeup of the neck area in this post.

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