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A bit about comments…

Posted by on February 7, 2014

I have been get­ting a lot of dubi­ous com­ments lately which I fear are actu­ally spam. I’m all for giv­ing other blogs some link love and com­ment back. But if you want me to approve your com­ments and com­ment on your site in return, please to make sure I know you are not a bot. You might com­ment on some­thing you liked about the arti­cle, or dis­agreed with, or some other indi­ca­tion that you have actu­ally read the darn thing.

5 Responses to A bit about comments…

  1. Catherine Raymond

    I under­stand your prob­lem with spam; I have it too! I gen­er­ally look at the site of the com­menter or, if the com­ment is anony­mous, any links in the com­ment, and if either are com­mer­cial in nature, I report the com­ment as spam and delete it. I think doing that is nec­es­sary to project you blog and keep it usable by you and your read­ers, and you don’t need to apol­o­gize for doing it.

    • thealater

      With all of the “Get Rich by Blog­ging” web­sites out there, it’s no won­der we get a lot of drive-by com­ments. I’ve been doing a lot of read­ing up on bet­ter­ing the blog and there is a quite a bit of the dot com bub­ble men­tal­ity out there.

      Thanks for com­ment­ing. :D

      • Catherine Raymond

        Sorry for my sec­ond comment–I was try­ing to com­ment via my Android tablet and I couldn’t tell if you had received any of my attempted com­ments! Please feel free to delete the sec­ond one. Thanks.

  2. Catherine Raymond

    I also get spam on my blog, some­times. If the commenter’s URL is clearly com­mer­cial or the com­ment con­tains a com­mer­cial link, I report it as spam and sim­ply delete it. I don’t think that you need to apol­o­gize for tak­ing anti-spam mea­sures; doing so is nec­es­sary to keep your blog use­ful for your­self and your readers.

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