La nécropole mérovingienne du “ Poteau ” à Richelieu (Indre-et-Loire) : apports chrono-typologiques

Article in French.

Here’s an abstract. Read more here.

A rescue excavation in advance of road building near Richelieu (department of the Indre-et-Loire) was carried out in October 2002. It brought to light some 35 graves belonging to a Merovingian cemetery. Observations made during the fieldwork allowed the understanding of the chronological and spatial organisation of the remains. They also showed the existence of several types of burials (sarcophagus, wood and mixed stone and wood-lined burial pits) as well as a sort of stretcher used to carry the body.Although many sites of this period have been discovered and published, well studied examples are rare. The dating of the small finds and the comparison with other sites both within and outside of the region have given a better understanding of Merovingian burial practices in this area on the border of Poitou and Touraine.



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