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Welcome to Suvia’s Letters!

You will find articles and posts about Merovingian material culture, both original, and pointing at other places on the webverse. I will post stuff from pre-Roman to Carolingian, and pretty much anything that I feel like posting.

I recently completed my doctoral studies at the OSU Department of Design and Human Environment (with a minor in Cultural Anthropology) with a dissertation titled, Honored values and valued objects : the Society for Creative Anachronism.

About the time academic jobs were drying up in my field, the 2004 Indonesian tsunami and 2005 Katrina happened. So many lives were lost that could have been saved if they had been educated as to what to do when nature throws a curve ball at us. Social science and education are vital to any robust hazard mitigation program. I ended up working for Oregon Office of Emergency Management as the Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator. But my love of textiles, material culture and those naughty nasty Merovingians remains so I made this blog to keep my jonesing at bay.

I hope you will check things out and let your friends know about the awesome information you find here. And go buy books using the links to Amazon! Because you know you want to!

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    christian March 11, 2012

    Great work! congratulations!

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