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Merovingian armor

Since I am considering starting to fight heavy, I though I’d post about armor. Like much of Merovingian material culture, it can be difficult to pin down. Here are some websites with information.

Byzantine Lamellar Armour: Conjectural Reconstruction of a Find from the Great Palace in Istanbul, Based on Early Medieval Parallels

Here’s an image of a young man’s (child’s) helmet found in a burial at Cologne Cathedral.

Here is a MIGRATION PERIOD IRON BANDED HELMET, which you can buy for just $37,500!

Here is a An Exceptional Migration Period (Viking) Bronze and Silver Helmet (5th-6th Century C.E.).


A Byzantine shirt construction

Contact with the Byzantine Empire was robust, especially during the later part of the Merovingian period. Here is a website that details how to reconstruct an extant Byzantine shirt from an archaeological find in Turkey. I wish we had more extant garments to base our research on.

Byzantine Shirt from Turkish grave site

Byzantine Shirt from Turkish grave site