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More hairstyle concepts

I am trying to figure out how all this hair stuff works in the Merovingian period.Since my hair while long is a bit thin, I plan to make some false hair pieces to supplement my natural hair. I have some lovely silk to wrap the hair with, ala Bathilde.

So I’m collecting some videos and other information and will post a bit of it here.

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Here are some other video tutorials that will help. Some are not particularly historical, but I thought they had some interesting ideas on how to get the historical look.

Hairstyles of the Rich and Roman…

To put the crowning touch (pun absolutely intended) on your Merovingian haute couture ensemble, hair styling is very important. We don’t have a lot of information to go on, but there are some bits of goodness floating around. I found some videos on Roman hairstyles on YouTube and am sharing them with you. They should give you starting points to making Merovingian hairstyles to go with your awesome clothing. Have your slaves watch these videos so they can do your hair correctly.


Empress Sabina: Ancient Roman Hairdressing


Ancient hairdressing: works in progress