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Finally.…. pics

So, I com­pleted the Arne­gunde coat. I’ll post a full account­ing soon, but here’s a quick pic­ture. There are some details to fin­ish, but I’m happy with this.                         OK, that’s not me.… here I am.…

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UPDATED: Where in the world is Suvia today?

ETA: Author’s Note: All of my research on this site comes from what I can glean from books and arti­cles, with a small amount of input from one pre­vi­ous research trip to Chelles. The research trip talked about here is the one I am sav­ing for now. If you want to help send me, stop … Con­tinue read­ing »

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UPDATED: France Lanord, A. (1962) Das grab der Arnegundis in Saint-Denis. Germania. 40. 341–359.

So I am finally get­ting to trans­lat­ing some of the non-English arti­cles that have been sit­ting on my shelf for awhile. I have no claim to being able to speak any of these lan­guages so I use Google trans­late and sev­eral dif­fer­ent online dic­tio­nar­ies. I am con­cen­trat­ing on those arti­cles specif­i­cally men­tion­ing Arne­gunde (Arne­gonde, Arne­gundis) … Con­tinue read­ing »

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Early Journal Content on JSTOR, Free to Anyone in World

Wowz­ers! This is big news to any­one try­ing to find those obscure old jour­nal arti­cles that your neigh­bor­hood library can’t find through ILL.

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The beginnings of a Merovingian Material Culture Bibliography

This is by no means an exhaus­tive list­ing. But it should give you some start­ing places to begin your research, or to add to your cur­rent research. Even­tu­ally, I will have this anno­tated as I get things trans­lated and assim­i­lated. If you know of any resources that not listed here, please put them in com­ments. … Con­tinue read­ing »

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