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The role of the Sogdian Colonies in the diffusion of the pearl roundels pattern

Here’s an interesting article on the development of the roundels we see in many cultures during the antique and early medieval period. You can see these roundels on Bathilde’s chausable,

Here’s an excerpt from the article. You can find the whole thing here.

The archaeological objects discovered in the desert territory situated in the Xinjiang Uighurs’ Autonomous Province (China) -or Eastern Turkestan- include a large quantity of textiles and other organic materials preserved thanks to the particular climatic conditions of the zone. The archaeological sites must investigated are the cemeteries of Astana and Kara-khoja, in the Turfan Oasis. Excavations led in the beginning of the last century by British and Japanese missions and, later, Chinese as well, discovered several naturally mummified corpses. They were buried with rich funerary outfits and with Persian or Byzantine coins and documents written in Chinese and those were used by scholars to establish the dating of the cemeteries (from about 3rd century A.D. to 8th century A.D.)1.