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UPDATED – Pair of cloisonne appliques

These were found in Saint Denis, first decade 6th century. The garnet cloisonne was starting to disappear by this time. I don’t know the context of these appliques or which grave they came from. My book on the Saint Denis finds has gone walk about. Please post in the comments if you know. I guesstimate that these were belt fittings, but could be wrong. The center square appears to be turquoise ENAMEL OR GLASS.

Pair of 6th century appliques, Saint Denis


a sketch – 5th c fibula – Saint Denis

I’m working on my class notes for the Merovingian Women’s clothing class that I teach. It keeps growing as I add information and will likely end up a book in a few years. Here’s one of the sketches of 5th century fibula from Grave 23, Saint Denis. These would have held a peplos closed at the shoulders. These fell out of use by mid-6th century.