Books on Roman textile production

In studying archaeological textiles, it helps to track back the the technology and social influences on your chosen fiber culture. For the Merovingians, their direct descendants were both the vast Roman linen estates in Gaul and the Sassanian silk weaving houses. John Peter Wild wrote a book on Roman textiles and also inspired others to write another book on the influence Roman textiles.

J. P. Wild. (1970) Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

and this is the book it inspired…

Penelope Walton Rogers, Lise Bender Jorgensen, Antoinette Rast-Eicher, (2001). The Roman Textile Industry and its Influence. A Birthday tribute to John Peter Wild.   Exeter:  Oxbow Books, 2001.

  • Read a review by Margarita Gleba, Bryn Mawr College, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Going back even further, we have a book on Pre-Roman Italian textile production. (Yes, the author of the previous review)

Gleba, M. (2008): Textile production in pre-Roman Italy. Oxford: Oxbow.


And while we’re on the subject of ancient Roman textile production, here’s a decent bibliography which should give you a good start. It’s not exclusively Roman or Merovingian (but we won’t hold that against them!)

and look over there! Sassanian textiles!



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