Crass commercial announcement

I’m interrupting your regularly (or not so regular lately) schedule to post a crass commercial announcement. I am planning a Merovingian pilgrimage of sorts to the various museums, cathedrals and other places of interest to scholars of Merovingian material culture. It will take me a few years to save up enough to go, but you can help by purchasing one of the many apparel and gift items in my Alfalfa Press shop at Cafepress. I’m sure you’ll find something you can add to your Christmas wish list, or give to a special geek someone on Pi Day or Towel Day.

Or if you prefer a more tribal tattoo inspired design, check out my daughter’s shop, Azizah’s Art Box. She is saving up for a year as an exchange student in Germany. (Which very conveniently has many museums with Merovingian artifacts:D)

Now here is another sketch I completely recently for my class notes.

6th century fibula




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