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Wearing ease for rectangular construction

Howdy campers!
I put together a quick and handy guide to figuring out how much wearing ease to put into the body when doing rectangular construction. I hope you find it useful!

Wearing ease for rectangular construction

Wearing ease for rectangular construction

Tablet woven edges

So this is a technique that I have been wanting to try for some time. It is right for this era and by golly, I’m going to to do it! There are some lovely artisans out there who have done a wonderful job of blogging about their tablet woven edging adventures.

I’m sure there is more great web sites about how to do this perfectly period technique which we should all be using much much more often. So let us know what you find by posting links and descriptions of the sites in the comments section!

An interesting article on Sassanian clothing

Just a quick note to let you know about this interesting website on Sassanian clothing. The Sassanian culture roughly encompassed the area that is now Iran. Textiles from this culture have been found in Merovingian graves and church reliquaries. So they may have influenced local production and aesthetics in textiles and clothing.

Sassanian Clothing

And here’s a Flickr stream with images of Sassanian textiles!

6th Century women’s clothing

Here’s a sketch I did for an upcoming class…

It is based on the Arnegunde find, although the metal bits are a bit different. For this rendering, I put the two round brooches on the coat. I used a photograph from the Temp Barbares website as an inspiration.


Sketch of women's clothing