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7th-century Merovingian cardweaving from Chelles

The Albert Bono Museum in Chelles, France has several examples of extant card weaving.


This band is a composite of three individually woven pieces. The central portion is two colors of wool, with embroidered Trees of Life between the animal motifs. The smaller two-color edge pieces are of silk. I am not convinced that the central portion is card woven, as there doesn’t appear to be the twining that you get with card weaving.The warp and weft appear to be at right angles to each other.

You can clearly see that the edge pieces are twined. There is an interpretation and graphed pattern here and a different one here.


These bands were found with the bones of Bathilde.

These two bands are in wool, both with three colors. It is commonly considered to be similar to the Snartemo Grave V weavings. You can clearly see the long floats in these bands. You can find patterns here, here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here, here, here, and here.


Card weaving decorates the tunic attributed to Bertille.

This silk band, in red, yellow and brown is 9mm wide. It has a design of twining bird forms. You can find patterns for this card weaving here, here, here, and here.