Feb 06

Change it’s a-coming!

So, I’ve been chipping away at my student debt. The sales from my two PODs, Cafepress and Zazzle, helped a bit. Of course, I will likely end up paying additional taxes on the wee bit of income, but such is life.

This blog is going to change over the course of the next few month. I am starting on a new adventure with trying to add income to my wallet to help pay down my student debt faster. I’ve been reading up on running small businesses, tax regulations for small business, and all kinds of fascinating and enlightening things on running blog for fun AND profit.

From what I’ve seen online there are several tracks, the first is some pretty blatant THIS BLOG IS ABOUT MAKING MONEY BY BLOGGING blogs out there. More power to them, so say I. Not really my cup of tea. There are also the Mommy blogs that simply scream OMG I LOVE MY KIDS AND CLEANING HOUSE SO HARD but I fear that is also not for me. (You’d agree too, if you’d seen the state of un-cleanliness in my current abode) But I am learning a lot from reading their awesome and informative posts.

One of the things I have up my sleeve is a new blog for re-enactors and living historians called All the Times Past. To do this, I will need to move web hosting servers as the place I am currently using is just a tad too expensive now that I am moving from hobby for-fun to a small business model. This makes me sad, because I love my host as they are so responsive with supporting my frequent issues and questions.

The next few months will bring a new hosting service, a fun-filled blog design and testing, and pulling a whole bunch of content together. I figure to have it up and running by July. Yay! Something new and exciting and challenging, and I am sure…. rewarding.

This idea was sparked when my Dear Husband casually remarked that it would be awesome if we could get paid to visit other re-enactor groups in Europe. MMMmmm. What a clever clever man! So while I am sure there will be other benefits from running a blog for re-enactors and living historians, meeting new people around the world is one of my center-of-the-matter goals.