Mar 03

Trump Is Paying Off This Woman’s Student Debt By Being A Complete Tool

Dr. Althea Rizzo creates snarky political and science-y t-shirts and Trump is helping her sell them by really pissing people off. Her designs capture the zeitgeist of the #Resist and #NotMyPresident movements. She is grateful because her doctoral degree left her with nearly $100,000 in student debt. Every time someone buys one of her shirts, she has a little bit less student debt.


Nevertheless, she persisted women's t-shirt

Nevertheless, she persisted women’s t-shirt

“I started selling t-shirts to help pay off my student loans faster. Over the last couple of years, I’ve paid off two student loans. Since the election of Trump as President, my political and feminist designs are selling like gang busters, or in Trump-speak, bad hombres.”


Trump Putin Kiss Bromance Men's Sweatshirt

Trump Putin Kiss Bromance Men’s Sweatshirt

Using the online print on demand service, Cafepress, Dr. Rizzo puts her graphic design skills to good use in creating t-shirts and hoodies with an artful if sarcastic sense of humor. No science pun is too groan worthy to be put on one of her designs. Until the middle of November, the best selling designs were the Student Tears and the Engineering shirt. Now it is almost exclusively feminist or political resistance designs that are selling.



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